On Load Tap Changer Insulating Oil Purifier

On Load Tap Changer Insulating Oil Purifier

Model No.︰Series OLTC

Brand Name︰Rexon

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 3500 / Set

Minimum Order︰1 Set

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Product Description


 Rexon OLTC Series On-Load Tap-changer Insulating Oil Purifier is mainly used for cyclic purification of the oil from bypass of the transformer and high voltage switch.


This OLTC oil purifier device can high effectively remove free carbon, metal impurity, and trace water by cyclic purifying system of the bypass while the main system is under normal working, and control the oil cleanness and dielectric strength in order to ensure the electrical parameter such as water content, flash point, break-down voltage and cleanness of the insulation oil, will not lower.


OLTC extending the repairing period and the life span of the transformer system and high voltage switch. It ensures that the high voltage switch works safely during maintenance period.




1. With famous brand WEINVIEW touch screen and PLC automatic control system, it can runs automatically unmanned, such as:

A. its Start/Stop time can set by user and it can work automatically.

B. it can give an alarm and stopping working when filters runs unmorally.

C. with temperature controller, it can automatically Start/Stop heating below or up the temperature range the user set.

2. With Italy Brand FILTREC filters, it can efficiently remove dissolved water, remove particles control the water content, flash point and dielectrically strength, control the oil cleanness up to Nas6.

3. The filtration accuracy can changed as needed.



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