Series IIJ-II Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester

Series IIJ-II Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester

Model No.︰IIJ-II

Brand Name︰Rexon

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 2000 / Set

Minimum Order︰1 Set

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Product Description

 IIJ-II Oil Breakdown Voltage Testeris produced by our company, which adopts industrial single plate integrated circuit, new-style I/O jack, with unique inspection and anti-jamming technology to greatly improve its reliability and functionality.

Main features:

1.       Easy operation, high autoimmunization (only press button once and all work done automatically)

2.       Menu management, data input simple and convenient

3.       It can store 99 data of oil sampling tests, the test data can be reviewed and printed in 100 years even after power is off.

4.       The clock in going on after power off.

(The internal time of the system just for test reference, not for standard time)

5.       The software can be upgrade through RS232 terminal.

6.       Strong anti-jamming, high precision testing.

7.       Small measurement, light weight, and convenient for outdoor operation.


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